Parenting impacts the world. People must pause and examine if they should be parents, how to improve parenting, and commit to resolving their own issues that adversely affect children.

Language. Comedy. 

Make America Black Again

Good Business Sense

The Screens

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Tonight, businessman Bartholomew Braniff is making the biggest boardroom presentation of his life: a proposal of marriage to the equally industrious Claudia. Everything is perfect -- the numbers have been crunched, the projections have been double-checked, and even the ring has been market-tested. But Claudia wants flowers and violins, not charts and graphs

Comedy. Adult Theme

The biggest surprise is one that you can't hear or see coming.  "Love is Blind" is the story of a wife, a husband and a little something extra.

Adult theme, nudity, language

Some of the best animated films in the country come from this great college.  

Animated Films by Ringling College of Art and Design

The Damned

The Baby Project

Film Makers Champagne Toast - 7PM

Want to meet the directors and actors up close?  Many of our film festival directors attend. Champagne Toast at Ryder Farm includes light fare and champagne. Cost is $20.

‘The Screens’ is a character comedy about a seductive, insecure and self-absorbed Italian Coffee Machine who desperately wants to impress his new kitchen companions. But when his cheap-Korean-origin is exposed, Coffee Machine must learn to embrace his past if he ever wants to be part of the household’s future. ‘The Screens’ is a story that involves a bunch of neurotic kitchen appliances, a Tinder date showdown, and some very hot coffee.


Letter to Congress

Candidate Lamar Johnson played by Leon (Cool Runnings, Ali, Cliffhanger) is running for President of the United States 
on the campaign slogan: “Make America Black Again” 
with an all white campaign staff! A left leaning film about what it would take to elect a Black President again.  

Language, political, adult theme

Saturday Night Shorts at Ryder Farm - 7:45 PM.

Ryder Farm

406 Starr Ridge Road

Southeast, NY 10509

This event is free to attend! Bring a picnic blanket or lawn chair.  Farm opens at 6PM.  Films start at 7:45PM. Film order subject to change.

We do not rate independent films, however some films do have adult language, themes and subject matter.

A group of people go through their daily lives, in a city surrounded by a massive wall.

Sci-Fi,  Drama, Language, Adult theme

Love is Blind

In this great country, we need to remember some of the reasons why we became so great.


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