Panel - Editing and Post Production - 3:30pm - 4:30 PM. Event is free

Join our panel of film makers for questions and answers on the Editing and Post Production process.

Don't Sell My Guitars

Kenny picked Oklahoma cotton from the age of 5 and bought his first guitar from the Sears Roebuck catalogue when he was 7. By the time he was 10, preachers came from all over Oklahoma to take him to tent revivals to play his beloved Silvertone guitar.

Directed by Lynn Montgomery

Growing Apart

A couple in crisis tries to save their relationship by planting a garden.

Directed by Eitan Loewenstein

Jihadi Street

Jihadi Street is a Sesame Street parody. It tries to answer the question - "What if ISIS produced children's television show to recruit kids?" 
Jihadi Street short film explores stark, profound realities of the current state of media, its' influence on children and adults around the world.

Directed by Yulia Fomenko

The Weekend Hostage

A kidnapped man, unexpectedly set free in a remote former lighthouse perched on a windswept cliffside, decides to confront his elusive captors

Directed by Roger Barker

Funeral For A Friend

Mourning the loss of a friend takes an unusual twist.

Directed by Mike Chuney

All Love Schmidt

Every day, Bruno is faced with bringing home to his wife and daughter the mere fact what ALS will do to him; straight down the line, mercilessly, raw and emotional. 
Nevertheless, he always looks on the bright side of things, not least due to the fantastic people he encounters on his journey. ​

Directed by Lars Pape, Holger Schürmann

Albedo Absolute

ALBEDO ABSOLUTE is a fairytale adventure of Violet and Savannah, two sisters who disobey their parent’s warning by venturing into a brooding forest.

Directed by Vlad Marsavin

The Beauty of Peace

Samten, a Tibetan artist living in NYC, through designing a Buddha Temple in Tibet, maintains a close and unique relationship with his home country.

Directed by Yiwen Liu

My Indian Rhapsody

Trishul is an Indian-American author who recently lost traction of his career after a terrible interview goes viral.

Directed by Abijeet Achar

The Guilt List

California 1953: A young girl lives with her parents, who believe in the Red Scare, when she meets an immigrant from communist Czechoslovakia. Realizing that her parents disapprove of the relationship, she has to make an important decision.

Directed by Tereza Horak

Sunday Films at the Lake - 11AM-8PM - Sessions and Panel

​Arts on The Lake - 640 Route 52, Carmel, NY

Films start at 11AM and continue all day. Each session is $8.  A panel on editing and post production.


What if our realities were just deals we made with ourselves? Whose life are we living when we are really awake?

Directed By: Russell Kohlmann​

Le Umane Paure (Human Fears)

Art movie about our psyche,emotions and neuroses.The character overlook the background,suggesting a cause-effect relationship between us and economic,cultural and moral scenario-entities,reacting them with gesture and posture.

Directed by Nicolangelo Gelormini

1:15 PM  - Session Two

Old World New

Dmitry, an 18 year old landed immigrant from Eastern Ukraine, is encouraged by Ivan, an older Ukrainian immigrant to carry out an act of violence in response to a personal insult. We follow Dmitry on his journey to confront Michael, the target of said vengeance, as he weighs his decision. By choosing the path of forgiveness and peace he crosses the bridge between the old world and into the new.

Directed By: Miles S. Crossman​

Lives Well Lived

Lives Well Lived celebrates the incredible wit and wisdom of adults 75 to 100 years old who are living their lives to the fullest. Encompassing over 3000 years of experience, forty people share their secrets and insights to living a meaningful life. Their intimate memories and inspiring personal histories will make you laugh, perhaps cry, but mostly inspire you. 

Directed by Sky Bergman

Cuba's Crossroads: Hope, Rock, and [R]Evolution

The film provides an intimate snapshot of Cubans’ lives and views at a remarkable juncture for this nation just 90 miles from Florida — between dictatorship and freedom, propaganda and the World Wide Web, suspicion and hope, making do and making a living. 

Art of the Heart

Seven-year-old Matthew Hatcher was born with half a heart, but he doesn't let that slow him down. As he battles with his disease Matthew helps to raise awareness, inspire change and save the lives of others suffering from congenital heart disease.

Directed by Drew Sauer


Firdaws doesn’t question the existence of the promised paradise, but turns the idea on it’s head by asking what if it was real and yet, one wouldn’t get the ‘pure bliss of forgetfulness’?  

Directed by Mayur Puri

The Guy Came on Horseback

When the rural man got aware of the truth that his disabled son has fallen in love with their neighbor's daughter, He decides to work around it...

Directed by Hossein Rabie Dastjerdi

Session Three - 4:30PM

11AM - Session One


A young woman gets her beauty and vanity taken by a masked figure.

Directed by Jill Von D