Tell Us Your Story

Audition Video Due by August 4th

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We want to hear your story!

Tell us your favorite story about a movie experience!  

We want to hear about your movie-related story.  Entertain us with a magic moment made when you watched a film.  Tell us a story that made you laugh or cry.  You can tell us about your first movie date or a film that changed your life. Perhaps it was a phrase in a movie that became your mantra.  Maybe something happened in a movie theater or on your way home?  Entertain us with something special that has anything (no matter how small) with a film. 

For those that are selected, you will tell that to our audiences before we screen our films at the Film Festival.  Only a limited number of slots are available.  

To enter it, send a link to a google drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox or other recognized file transfer service that has your 5 minute video audition.  It should be in a mp4 format. Winners will have one rehearsal with us and will be allowed up to 12 minutes to tell their story.