The Sky Between Us

Three young children are ushered into a room by a lone adult and left to their imaginations. 

Directed by Anastasia Dyakova. 

The Astronaut's Journal

Explore many worlds, close by and far away.

Directed by Marina Belikova

Circuit Sizzle

Robot friends go on a playful adventure day until the batteries run out.

Directed by Marc Noworyta

My Little Brother

A young boy’s story of his little brother, the scary internet and a nightmare vision

Directed by Anthony Bennett

Revelation City of Haze

Far away worlds collide in a fantastic science fiction animated film. Many battle scenes.

Directed by Mao Qichao

Glorious Victory

Glorious Victory is an animated short film about two beetles fighting over a fig fruit which leads both of the beetles to complete disaster. 

Directed by Will Kim

Ringling College of Art And Design

The Wishing Cranes

15 Second Interviews

The Third Script

Explaining the unexplainable secrets of the universe.

Directed by Mohammad Javad Khajavi. 

Panel - Animated Film Making and Techniques

Saturday Morning Animation Series

Drew Methodist Church 28 Gleneida Avenue

Carmel, NY 10512

Cost: $8.  10AM - Noon

Two hours of the finest independent animated films plus a continental breakfast.