Panel - 4PM - Free To Attend

Saturday Films at the Lake

Arts on the Lake

640 Route 52

Carmel, NY 10512

Time: 2PM

Cost: $8.  

Two hours of independent film plus a panel. 

Films and Panel to be announced


During the peaceful time, Haru returns to his hometown after an art of war journey, where he runs into a group of low-rank Samurais. The Samurai's laugh at Haru saying that the art of war is already outdated - and to prove it they attack the Samurai.

Directed by Hideki Oshima

Props, Effects and Film Technique - Discussion about unusual props, interesting effects, angles, unusual moments and techniques used to create the scene.

Split by The State

Facing persecution by the Chinese communist regime for their faith, Eric and his mother manage to escape to Australia by joining a tour group to the country. However, Eric’s father is not so fortunate. He is locked up in China’s notorious prison system, where he is brutally tortured and abused in solitary confinement.

Directed by Gina Shakespeare


Set in the near future an intellectual but paranoid survivalist holed up in an underground bunker has to wait out a massive influenza outbreak in NYC. When a group of looters cut power to his shelter he has to venture out into a labyrinth of underground hallways, restore power and stay alive. 

Directed by Simon Geisker

From Within

When a musician stands up to his perfectionist inner voice, accepts his faults and embraces his inner creativity, taking his performance beyond the technique.

Directed by Thomas Shea Freeman



DANNI goes on a journey to explore relationship addiction and seeks to find out at what cost does one become 'clean' - or not...​

Directed by Peter Jensen


A bowling alley attendant struggles with PTSD from his own childhood when he encounters a little girl that he suspects is being abused by her father.

Directed by Arika Cullen

Clapboard: The Journey To "MOI"

Two unwitting amateur film school grads embark on documenting the pre-production process for their first film.

Directed by Paul Robinson


There are borders between the words, that should not be crossed. This is a tale where the person got into the wrong place at wrong time by the will of forces. Will the hero get out of the creatures from the other side you'll find only if you dare enter the forest. Sometimes the desirable can be so ever closer, but too far. The short music film 'CLOSER' collected elements of the Russian national and Mari folklore.​

Directed by Andrew Ogorodnikov