For Suzie, James, and Timmy, it's the end of the world. And that's before aliens invade Earth.​


Two ill matched garden statues fall in love in this animated exploration of the battle between spiritual enlightenment and physical desires that we all go through.

Temptation of St. Francis

A 7-minute 3D-remix of feature films from the 1950s and 60s which were projected on glass and rephotographed in stereoscopic 3D with a photo camera.

The Gaffer

Five hundred years of world art in five minutes, featuring three dozen iconic works rendered with nylon-tip pen and animated old school style. Each painting is onscreen for three seconds; the transitions between them also last three seconds each. Made up of 2,500 individual drawings, with a musical soundtrack created by the artist.

Some of the best animated films in the country come from this great college.  

Rick Thunder - Look Back Tomorrow

Animated Films by Ringling College of Art and Design


Meet Rick Thunder, Copper Creek's best - and only - detective. Join him as he tries to solve the latest mystery in this film noir comedy.

Film Makers Champagne Toast - 7PM

Want to meet the directors and actors up close?  Many of our film festival directors attend. Champagne Toast at Ryder Farm includes light fare and champagne. Cost is $20.

A man invites two old college friends to dinner, where a simple game will have unexpected consequences.​

When Daniel Foster crosses a dangerous crime leader, he resorts to humor in a desperate attempt to save his life.​

Based in the notorious streets of Karachi, Bakshu is a film about a violent mugger and a crazy lover

Wasp-Men From Mars

Back Track

Saturday Night Shorts at Ryder Farm - 7:45 PM.

Ryder Farm

406 Starr Ridge Road

Southeast, NY 10509

This event is free to attend! Bring a picnic blanket or lawn chair.  Farm opens at 6PM.  Films start at 7:45PM. Film order subject to change.

We do not rate independent films, however some films do have adult language, themes and subject matter.

Guessing Game