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Short Film Festival

Our acclaimed international Short Film Festival will be held on Saturday, August 30, 8:00pm10:30pm, at the historic Ryder Farm. Admission is free, so bring the family and join us for a night of fun under the stars! 

Each year we look forward to presenting a wide variety of fresh, high-quality shorts in all genres. Our talented filmmakers hail from all corners of the globe including right here in Brewster and surrounding towns.
Below is our short film line-up from 2013:

A precocious young girl determined to sell five thousand boxes of cookies for her Girl Scout-like organization faces off with a curmudgeonly classic car enthusiast who's equally determined not to give in to her pitch.
Heather Morrison  (USA)
A Slice of Onion
An uninspired music student reluctantly takes a class in Asian cuisine and finds herself at odds with the instructor . . . until they hesitantly develop an unlikely friendship.
Cindy Au Yeung (Canada)  
On the eve of the first human expedition to the inhabitable planet of Odessa, a man in a bar accidentally ruins a woman's shoes while arguing about space exploration. When he insists on buying her new footwear, the gift may be more significant than he understands.
Cidney Hue (USA)  
Manual Para Emprendedores
Two small-town buddies dream of making it big in the new Cuban free-market economy. But as with start-ups everywhere, success is hard won. First, they'll have to learn the ropes of marketing and deal with the inevitable red tape.

Andrew Stehney Vargas (Cuba/USA)  
Just as a blended family settles into their new life together, their little girl claims to have locked a demon in the backyard shed.

Fred Rabbath (USA)  
Sometimes one choice can change a life irrevocably for the better . . . or the worse. Which will it be for one young man on the cusp of his destiny?
Faisal Hashmi (Dubai)  
The Things My Father Never Taught Me
A single father considers himself a dating advice guru . . . until he has an opportunity to test his technique in the real world with an attractive single mom.
Burleigh Smith (Australia)  
Viva Tortuga
The rich natural resources of Magdalena Bay, a wildlife haven on the Pacific Coast of Mexico's Baja Peninsula, were once endangered by sea turtle poaching and other extractive activity. This documentary explores the surrounding community's efforts to build a new economic model around conservation and sustainable tourism.

Maria Luskay/Pace University (Mexico/USA)
Happy Endings
Man's best friend finds his own best friend in this entertaining animated short.

Vatt Pictures (USA)  
No Strings Attached
Things are not always as they seem when a young man arrives at a remote estate to make good on a deal with some very demanding clients.
Cindel Krajewski, Jenko Kent (USA)
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