Two hours of independent film
We do not rate independent films, however films do have adult language, themes and subject matter.

The order of the films may be changed.

Artichoke Boy - A young person is concerned that his color is different from others. Will it change how he perceives himself? Directed by Phil E. Eichinger

Dreamgirl - A man reflects on himself as he prepares for a date. Directed by Jack Hillebrecht.

Building Memories - Two siblings have a cross-country conversation that includes pictures from their parents’ past that proves to be a powerful walk, for all of us, down memory lane. Directed by Geno Andrews

The Cat - An animated parable about life – especially for women in Iran since the Revolution. And what we hope the future will bring. Directed by Mary Apick.

Sentris - A grief-stricken daughter is presented the opportunity to resurrect her brain-dead father through a mysterious new technology, placing her at odds with her family and psychological well-being. Directed by Ian Harrington.

Swiped Out - Under pressure from his traditional Indian mother to settle down, Neil turns to a dating app to look for the perfect woman, but, despite help from his 2 roommates, he finds that easier said than swiped. Directed by Karan Choudhary.

Bandwidth - Frank's important job interview on Zoom goes south due to his "stay at home" Covid precautious family using up his bandwidth. Directed by Pat Battistini, Robert Francke.

A Vital Sign -  A unified group journey through the final chapter of their spiritual passage. Directed by Paul Robinson

The 2020 VOB Film Festival is sponsored by:

  • The movies are broadcast to an FM station. You must stay in your car to hear the films! 
  • Due to safety concerns, you cannot sit in the parking lot.
  • Due to New York State COVID 19 restrictions, if you leave your car then you must wear a mask
  • Limited to the first 25 cars
  • All entries must be prepaid. You cannot pay at the event.
  • You can call in your order before you arrive and the wonderful staff at Iron and Wine will have it ready for you
  • Cars can enter the event starting at 7:30 PM
  • Films start at 8:15 PM
  • Gift card is given out at the event. 
  • Rain Date is May 2nd

Please remember - you MUST agree to abide by all COVID-19 rules and laws.  Masks are a must due to NYS restrictions if you leave your car. We are doing our best to put on a great event. The restaurant is working hard to serve you and abide by all laws. We expect your full cooperation. 

NO REFUNDS, however your $20 gift certificate to Iron and Wine is good for one year.  

Drive-In Movie Nights!

May 1st 

Iron and Wine Restaurant

3191 Route 22

Patterson, NY 12563

Film Line-up for May 1st, 2021

Cost - $60 per car and Includes

Admission to the event for one night.

A $20 gift card to Iron and Wine Restaurant!  - That's right - $20 bucks of your purchase can be used to buy food or drink at Iron and Wine

The 2021 VOB Film Festival is sponsored by:

Films are listed below the rules.  

In 2021 our Film Festival is donating all the proceeds to Brewster Theater Company.  The arts were hit hard in 2021 and we are partnering with our neighbors to keep theater and the arts alive in Putnam County.  When you pay, you will be directed to Paypal and be paying through The Brewster Theater Company.