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The VOB Film Festival happens because of sponsorships and donations. Our unique events, films and talks bring people together and celebrate new ideas and points of view.  If you would like to sponsor the festival, download a sponsorship form or contact us at or call 845 729 5107. 

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Are you a restaurant with a large parking lot or a shopping center manager that wants to keep cars in the lot for your businesses?  A drive-in movie night is safe and can keep cars in your lot. Packages start at $750

Our 2021 Festival line-up is announced.  We will be holding a drive-in movie event on May 1st, 2021.  The event is limited to 25 cars.

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A drive-in movie night with independent film keeps costs low, provides maximum use of your parking lot, and allows your restaurants to serve patrons until later in the evening during a unique and memorable event.

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